December 2010: "The Value of Humor in Relationships"
Breakthrough therapist Austin Houghtaling discusses the benefits of humor to your health and state of mind, including examples of how he has applied humor in his own life.

September 2010: "The Freedom of Surrendering Control"
Ann Smith discusses the potential origins of controlling behaviors in a person's life and suggestions on ways to begin letting go.

June 2010: "Getting Unstuck: Moving Clients Forward by Changing Dysfunctional Patterns"
Ann Smith provides a brief introduction to this new workshop for professionals that will be held at Caron Texas on June 25th.

May 2010: "Learning to Live with the Inner Critic"
Breakthrough therapist Randy Gaul introduces a specialized workshop about how to identify, challenge, and disarm one's "inner critic," which will be held this September.

March 2010: "Subtle Abuse"
Kathleen Murphy, therapist at Breakthrough, discusses the not-so-obvious forms of abuse that can be detrimental to our sense of self-worth and preciousness.

February 2010: "Ask Ann"
After receiving several questions about grieving from subscribers of the Breakthrough at Caron e-newsletter, this podcast focuses on the different kinds of grief that exist and healthy ways to cope.

December 2009: "Ask Ann"
Ann addresses questions submitted by subscribers to the Breakthrough at Caron e-newsletter, including how to stay in touch with one's recovery after leaving Breakthrough and tips on getting through the holiday Season with minimal stress.

November 2009: "All About Breakthrough"
Ann Smith provides some insight about the history of the Breakthrough program and the many characteristics that make Breakthrough unique.


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