Program and Treatment Information

  1. I’m not really sure why I feel the way I do. Will the Breakthrough at Caron program be able to help me?
    Breakthrough approaches problems from a different direction asking “How?” things occur rather than “Why?”. We look for the connections between recent events and past experience which help make the overall pattern clearer. We believe that change occurs when we have greater clarity about how we conduct ourselves in relationships and an opportunity to practice new ways of managing emotions and connections in a safe setting. The program not only provides insight but the means to begin important change through interaction within a supportive group.
  2. What is experiential therapy?
    Experiential therapy is any type of group activity that involves action. Most groups rely on verbally sharing feelings, getting feedback etc. where an experiential group may include art, music, psychodrama (i.e.. role play), emotional expression, and guided meditation.
  3. Do women and men receive separate treatment?
    No. To recreate the atmosphere of a healthy family, integration of men and women in the group support system is essential.
  4. Can I attend the program with my spouse or a member of my family?
    No. There will be specific programs for couples in the near future but this program is best used to address the issues of the individual. Many couples benefit from attending separate groups in consecutive weeks or months. Defenses are lowered and a new open communication can begin. While tailored to the individual, the work done at Breakthrough can positively impact relationships as well.
  5. Does addiction have to have impacted my life for the Breakthrough program to help me?
    This program is for anyone interested in personal growth. Although the counseling staff is very knowledgeable of most compulsive disorders, the Breakthrough workshop has no direct connection to addiction or the Caron treatment programs.
  6. Is 12-Step involvement required?
    No. The Breakthrough program places emphasis on the concept of a healthy support system. Each individual must create that in a way that works for them.
  7. Can you give me an idea of what the schedule will be?
    Please click here for information about the weekly schedule.

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